Dove Holes Cricket Club bowled over with new fencing thanks to Tarmac donation

February 14, 2023

Thanks to a donation of £13,703 from the Tarmac Landfill Communities Fund, Dove Holes Cricket Club, near Buxton, has been able to upgrade old fencing and more.

The new fencing has improved safety around the club, exceeding the height of the previous fencing, and providing protection from stray cricket balls.

Not just the fencing that has changed, with the funds also allocated towards providing a flagged pavement alongside the club’s new car parking area – improving access for wheelchair users, people with pushchairs and pedestrians.

Roger Marshall, president of Dove Holes Cricket Club, said: “The donation funded the removal of the 1.2-metre-high steel fence, that surrounded almost two sides of the cricket club’s playing area. We also took the opportunity to relay approximately 10 square metres of damaged and uneven concrete flags to the rear door to the pavilion.”

The refurbishments to the club also inspired members of Dove Holes Community Association who – whilst the fence was being replaced – took the opportunity to install six new purpose-built lamp posts, with new wiring and lighting, which in turn provided a new electricity supply to the cricket club’s scorebox.

Roger added: “Works to upgrade the lighting system would not have been carried out for several years yet if it had not have been for Tarmac’s donation towards our fence! The club feel that the donation has enabled it to fulfil all of its objectives and more besides. A point that has been made on many occasions by local residents and those from further afield.”

Aaron Wood, quarry operations manager at Tarmac’s nearby Tunstead Quarry, said: “It’s great to hear about all of the improvements made to Dove Holes Cricket Club, with the Tarmac Landfill Communities Fund donation, and that others were inspired and helped by the club’s developments, meaning the donation’s impact has spread further than we initially anticipated. These changes will not only benefit the club and its members, but also the local community in the surrounding areas.”