Tarmac’s finance team take away the sums for the day, to multiply their volunteering efforts in the Peak District

August 4, 2023

Volunteers from the Midlands finance team at Tarmac visited the Peak District on a team building day to restore a collapsed wall with help from the Peak District National Park Rangers.

The finance team from the UK’s leading sustainable building materials and construction solutions business, took a day away from numbers, and together, reconstructed a stone wall which now stands proud in the Peak District National Park.

Trying their hand at dry stone walling, the team successfully rebuilt the wall – an activity which formed part of a wider team building workshop, aimed to encourage the Tarmac volunteers to collectively attempt something different to their usual the nine to five.

Michelle Maginnis, regional finance manager at Tarmac said: “The collaborative effort to reconstruct the wall not only resulted in a solid structure but also kindled a sense of camaraderie amongst colleagues.

“It served as a reminder of the joy and fulfilment that accompanies working together as a team, while also highlighting the incredible opportunities offered by Tarmac.”

The Peak District National Park is home to a vast array of activities including guided walks, cycling, horse riding and caving to name a few.

Dave Cramp, volunteering manager from the Peak District National Park heads up volunteering across the park and said: “We have an ongoing five-year partnership with Tarmac, that funds a member of staff who manages our volunteering days on the ground, not only for Tarmac teams but for a variety of community groups and individuals.

“We are immensely grateful for the partnership as it means we can take out teams from Tarmac every month, as well as being able to provide hundreds of practical volunteering opportunities across the Peak District National Park.

“Having the Tarmac Midlands finance team join us has been fantastic. The team got stuck in as soon as they arrived and were all able to leave knowing they had not only picked up dry stone walling as a new skill, but that they’d had a super productive team building day.

“It really is great to see so many volunteers from Tarmac visiting the National Park time and time again, to give back to the areas in which the business operates. We look forward to welcoming more in the months to come.”

Through volunteering days, Tarmac teams have been involved in a wide range of improvement projects including; footpath repairs, management of ancient hay meadows, tree planting, woodland maintenance, the removal of plastic tree guards for recycling, replacing benches and helping to improve a wildlife.

For more information visit www.peakdistrict.gov.uk/