Meet the future – largest apprentice and graduate intake to join Tarmac

October 18, 2022

Tarmac has welcomed nearly 130 apprentices and graduates to the business, as it strives to upskill and grow talent within the construction industry.

The cohort consists of 126 early careers roles – the business’ largest ever intake – including apprentices, higher apprentices and graduates, which stretch the length and breadth of the UK, from Dunbar in Scotland, right through to Southwick in Brighton.

The apprentice and higher apprentice courses typically last two to four years and cover areas such as engineering, finance, human resources, sales, operations, quantity surveying, and logistics. Higher apprenticeships provide an opportunity to gain Level 4 qualifications or above, with most apprentices gaining an NVQ Level 4, HND, or foundation degree.

Graduates will enrol onto a course lasting two years, covering seven modules including finance, project and change management, communication and future development.

Following successful completion, the experience and expertise gained will enable the apprentices and graduates to transition into a variety of roles across the company.

The 2022 intake shared some of their experiences in applying for their chosen roles:

Zara Driver, higher apprentice based at Tarmac’s office in Solihull, said: “I went for a data analyst higher apprentice role as I felt being older than your typical student, the university route just wasn’t for me. As an apprentice at Tarmac, you’re able to learn and develop skills whilst working, which is a win, win for me. There is heaps of support from management and the overall business is really flexible with where you want to go in your career.”



Amarachi Ochieze, on the general management scheme and based at Stancombe Quarry, Bristol, said: “During my undergraduate studies back in Nigeria, I did a short internship in a cement manufacturing industry. When I found the management scheme at Tarmac, I knew it was for me, a little slice of home, right here in Gloucestershire! Seeing how Tarmac is invested and involved in their local community is also a big thing for me as I’m a volunteer myself.”



Laurie Ross-Fenty, mechanical engineer graduate at Tarmac’s Cement and Lime Plant in Dunbar, Scotland, said: “I enjoy being hands-on and dealing with new challenges and I didn’t really want a typical office job. The role here at Tarmac is perfect for me as every day presents a new opportunity – I can be in a meeting room one day and a cement mill the next.”



Graeme Boylen, HR director at Tarmac, said: “We’re so pleased to welcome the new 2022 cohort. The apprentices and graduates we employ here at Tarmac are from all walks of life – some straight from school, with others undertaking a complete career change later in life.

“The beauty of an apprentice or graduate role at Tarmac is that we provide guidance and support through each person’s journey. The opportunities available to them are almost limitless and for some these could eventually be global in nature given that we are part of CRH, the world’s leading building materials business.”

To kick start the programme, a selection of the cohort attended a welcome event. The event enabled them to network with like-minded graduates, meet their mentors who will guide them throughout their courses, and take part in activities to support them in understanding the next steps of their career in more detail.

The apprentice and graduate onboarding at Tarmac forms a key part of supporting the UK’s construction and infrastructure ambitions. It is just one of a range of professional development and training initiatives in place to create a highly skilled and diverse workforce.

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