November 23, 2021

For a group of seven members of the Tarmac Tunstead team it’s time to celebrate – they have jointly served a total of 285 years’ service this year, with one member serving an incredible 55 years!

Electrical engineer Doug Wall started work as an apprentice electrician about a month after England won the World Cup in 1966! After a four-year apprenticeship, he went on to do a company-supported day-release degree in electrical and electronic engineering, graduating with a BSc in 1981.

“I have seen some major changes in my work during this time,” said Doug. “One of the main ones is the way we do plans and designs. I started with hand-drawn pen and ink plans which were photocopied; moved on to Computer Aided Designs (CAD) and then to fully computer developed plans. I enjoy the design work and being able to see projects through to the finish, gaining a real sense of achievement. I see this as one of the main reasons I have stayed here so long.”

Doug joins six other colleagues in celebrating 45-55 years’ service: Alan Miller (50 years); and Gary Taylor, Reg Gartside, Dave Bagshaw and Clive Baldwin (45 years). Most of this group came together for a long service celebration event at the Lee Wood Hotel.

Alan Miller retires after 50 years’ service. He has held many roles on the site, starting as an engineering apprentice and, after spending a large part of his service in the garage and roadstone section, he ended his career as production coordinator with the chemical stone team. Lifelong Manchester United fan, he was presented with a signed team shirt by Tarmac and haulage contractor Lomas who had donated the shirt as a gift. “I’ve really enjoyed the banter

with my workmates and being part of such a big team,” he said. “Working with them was great because of the camaraderie.”

Engineering and site services manager Reg Gartside, who celebrates 45 years’ service, loves the fact that the company always goes ‘the extra mile’ on a project. Reg began his career as an electrical apprentice working at both Tunstead and Hindlow sites. His roles have included electrician, shift foreman and engineering manager for the UK building products business. He has been engineering services manager at Tunstead since 2002.

As well as an operational job, his position includes recruiting and mentoring apprentices. He commented: “I aspire to seeing apprentices come through and progress in the company, taking on opportunities like secondments and training. I enjoy working with a bunch of very conscientious people who always go the ‘extra mile’ – this was particularly noteworthy during the recent challenges of Covid-19.”

Maintenance planner Gary Taylor has just retired after 45 years’ service. He is looking forward to spending more time with his five grandchildren and at his static caravan in Wales. Gary began his career as an apprentice and in 1979 moved to the stone section at Tunstead. He spent 33 years working shifts in the crushing and roadstone plant, then moved to maintenance roles.

“During my time here, the main differences I have seen have been in the size of the mobile plant working in the quarry, and the improvements in safety. Dump trucks have gone from carrying 30 tonnes to 100 tonnes and the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) we all wear is now much better tailored to the specific job you are doing, keeping us all much safer.

“I stayed 45 years because I enjoyed the work and the friendship of the people I worked with.”

Commending the group on their long service, head of HR for Tarmac Cement & Lime Vicky Hawtin said: “We are incredibly lucky to have this group on our team. Their decades of experience make a significant difference to our operation – and younger team members continue to learn from them. Many congratulations to them on their impressive long service.”